Brunswick Gold Crown Coin

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Coin Push Chute
Electronic Bill Acceptor
Electronic Bill Acceptor & Coin Push Chute

The GCc combines the Brunswick Gold Crown playability with PAT (pay at table) technology.  Designed for years of profit for the room owner & to please the most discerning player at the same time. 

  • SIZE : 7 ft.
  • PAY AT TABLE (PAT) : Coin Only
  • FINISH : Matte Black/Matte Black
  • POCKETS : As Shown
  • LEGS : As Shown
  • SLATE : 1"
  • FELT COLOR : Tour Edition Championship Blue
Table size: 7 ft. 
Finishes Available: Matte Black with black trim and nickel corners
Cloth Options: Comes standard with Tour Edition Championship Blue cloth.  Other styles and colors available by custom order.
PAT Options:

Coin Shuttle Only

Coin Shuttle and bill acceptor with programable electronics

Bill acceptor with programmable electronics (no coin shuttle option)


Pocket: Gully Return
$ 7,500.00

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