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C-3 Tunnel Escape Vinyl Playset

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With the C-3 Tunnel Escape, your children can enjoy slides, swings, tunnels, and more. This vinyl playset features a 6’ x 8′ Playhouse Tower with 7′ landing, 5’x6′ enclosure, asphalt shingle roof, and 5′ high deck. There is also a 5’ x 9′ Double Tower with vinyl roof and 5′ & 7′ high decks.

Connecting the two towers is a 6’ 6” tower tunnel; underneath is a 5’ x 5’ built-in picnic table. Children can climb the two step ladders with access railings and slide down either the 7’ Turbo Twister slide or the 10’ Avalanche slide.

The 4-position Climber swing attachment supports a belt swing with soft grip, trapeze with soft grip, dual rider, and 4 rope tire swing. Completing this structure is a bubble panel, ship’s wheel, and telescope.

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This playset comes with:

  • 6’x8′ Playhouse Tower with 7′ Landing, 5’x6′ enclosure, asphalt shingle roof and 5′ high deck
  • 5’x9′ Double Tower with Vinyl Roof and 5′ & 7′ high decks
  • 4-position Single Beam swing attachment
  • two belt swings with rubber coating
  • trapeze with rubber coating
  • plastic baby swing
  • 7′ Turbo Twister slide
  • 10′ Avalanche slide
  • 6′ 6″ tower tunnel
  • 6′ 6″ bridge with rails
  • two step ladders with access railings
  • bubble panel
  • 5’x5′ built-in picnic table
  • ship’s wheel and telescope


Playset Size: 17′ deep x 37′ wide
Space Needed: 24′ deep x 48′ wide

Recommended Border: 144′ Border – Standard or Stone-style
Recommended Mulch: 5 Tons Rubber Mulch or 21 Cubic Yards Wood Mulch

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