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Jacuzzi 16ft Power Pro Swim Spa

The Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ 16' Swim Spa delivers the most comfortable environment for both swimming and aquatic fitness.

A wide stream swim current is delivered from two easily adjustable Jacuzzi® PowerPro® PX jets, using the exclusive swim selector control the current can be between 0km/h and 10km/h ensuring every level, from beginner to triathlete can find their perfect pace. The carefully designed interior helps to eliminate reflective wave due to suction inlets and carefully positioned hips which helps to create a smooth current for the complete swim experience.

In addition, the wide current also provides core resistance for more effective aquatic exercises whilst the standard underwater platform offers a low impact jogging or walking experience helping to manage or prevent joint pain that can occur from dry-land activities.

For those looking for relaxation after a work out or a long day, four ergonomically designed seats including a cool down seat feature PowerPro® jets to deliver the genuine Jacuzzi® hydromassage.

Shell Dimensions:186"x93"

Height: 53"

Volume: 2010 Gallons

Weight Full: 19394 lbs

Weight Empty: 2560 lbs

$ 56,995.00$ 44,695.00

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